The view from the top


A small group of us took a Grand Taxi (1980’s Mercedes with 6 seats) to Chefchaowen last weekend. Chefchaowen is a tiny mountain village nestled in the Reef Mountains–a rocky range of dirt, agriculture, and cloud tops. We woke up early on Saturday morning and climbed to the peak of the second highest mountain in Morocco–I snapped this photo from the top. The view was incredible, and totally worth the sweaty climb. After the hike, we returned to the village and crashed at our hostel for the night–Chefchaowen might be small, but during Ramadan, it never sleeps. The sounds of card games, Hefla (parties), and restaurants floated in through the window well past three in the morning.  I took a quick spin through the souq and picked up some souvineers before we made our way back to Tangie on Sunday. The trip was a break from studying and a reminder that Morocco is bigger than Tangier in terms of weather, nature, and culture.


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