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Adventures in Fez and Meknes                               DSCN0605                      DSCN0584

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Our group took an “Imperial City” trip to Fez and Meknes this weekend. Among the things we saw were the city gates, famous mosques, and a ridiculous amount of donkeys. Fez is one of the oldest cities in Morocco–and she smells like it. We stopped by a tailor shop, a pottery shop, and a tannery.

I spent a lot of time in Fez and Meknes noticing the juxtaposition of old things and new things–Moroccan culture is paradoxical in a way. Beautiful cities smell awful, cold wind makes a 100 degree day feel chilly, and colored paint is chipped and cracked. Moroccan culture is also very traditional–the shoes in the upper picture are traditionally worn by both men and women in many colors. Especially as Ramadan approaches (month of Fasting), traditional food and dress start to appear more frequently.

During our trip, we also stopped at the ruins of Volubulis (“Malili” in Arabic). It was 100 degrees out, and there was no breeze, but we made a fun morning of it. I’ve never been to Europe (unless you count the airports in Frankfort and Barca) but it sure felt like Rome to me. I felt pretty much at home in the entrance of the “parliament” area of the city–my Poli Sci Profs would be proud!

This week was also the Fourth of July (Eiid Istiqlaal) and we celebrated by having barbeque and going to the beach. The BBQ lacked hamburgers, potato salad and Coke, but it was still a tasty treat. I snapped a few pictures of some friends on the beach–the wind was outrageous but it was still a nice break from homework.


Adventures in Fez and Meknes


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