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I decided to use my weekend off to get to know Tangier by staying with a family who lives not too far from where I go to school. We spent the day today at the beach (my first time ever at the ocean), eating fish tagine, and playing UNO. It was a great day–I was reminded of my own family back in Minnesota. The water was colder than I expected but warmer than Lake Superior, and I collected a bunch of shells from the beach. There was a ton of wind and everything smelled of salt water and faintly of fish. Three of my classmates (Tam, Nadirah, and Eliza) came with and we spent the night hanging out with this family after they had just returned from a traditional Moroccan wedding. All in all,  it was an incredibly eye-opening experience and I hope to be able to stay with this family again

before the summer is over!


Homestay in Tangier


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