I snapped this picture of the Mediterranean while we were stuck in traffic on the way from Tangier to Tetuan. It was a crazy bus ride without air conditioning, but it was worth it to see a beautiful city by the sea! Our trip was culminated by an essay–we had 150 words due on our trip, the history of the city, and what we learned from the weekend. My essay included a commentary on the architecture of Tetuan (its a mix of Andalucian and Islamic architecture with some mosaic tiles and alabaster walls), the history of Religion in the city (all three major religions have called Tetuan home in the last few centuries), and the beautiful view of the ocean I was privy to. Tetuan appeared to be less crowded than Tangier, and there was a significant amount of Spanish spoke in the city–probably because the neighboring city of Septa is actually part of Spain–its on Moroccan soil, but you need a tourist visa to visit! We also visited a Madrasa–an old Islamic school. These schools were founded by charitable donations from Mosques and designed to teach young boys the Quran–the whole Quran. There were exhibits on memorization, life at school, timekeeping, methods of preaching/teaching, and old copies of the Quran and Hadith. While we were looking at one exhibit, one of my professors was able to recite the entire first passage of the Quran–he didn’t attend a Madrasa, but it was an accurate recitation! All in all, quite the day of traveling!


Day Trip to Tetuan


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