Thought #3: I’m just a girl and packing is a nightmare!

I’m allowed one checked bag and one carry-on. Rationally speaking, this is more than enough space for nine weeks of travel in Morocco. Irrationally speaking, I’m wondering how the heck I’m going to fit everything I need into such a small number of cubic inches. In light of limited room in my REI backpack and Timbukt2 Messenger bag, here’s what I’m not bringing:

  1. Shampoo. Everyone knows lemon juice and baking soda work just as well, and are cheap and easy to buy when I get to Tangier.
  2. My grandmother’s macaroni salad. While it does contain a small amount of vinegar, it would spoil if left unrefrigerated. It’s my favorite summer food, so this is a little bit sad.
  3. My laptop. Her name is Delores and she weighs about 50 pounds. It’s time for an upgrade, but don’t tell her that. Instead, I’ll be packing a touch-screen Asus tablet to use for Skype and blogging.  
  4. My favorite cargo jean shorts. Not only are they incredibly unfashionable, they don’t meet the dress code requirements of “mid-calf length” and “loose-fitting.”
  5. English. While participating in the CLS Program, I will be speaking Arabic at all times—with classmates, conversation partners, and new friends I meet in Morocco. Looks like I can say goodbye to being teased for my Minnesota accent! 

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